By Spring 2017 we'll have rolled out fibre broadband to around 105,000 properties in Hull and the surrounding area.

Lightstream may already be available to your home.

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Phase 1 - 3,205 properties

20th July
Bricknell Ave, Cottingham Road, Strathcona, Kenilworth Ave, Barrington Ave,Chanterlands Ave, Goddard Ave, Allderidge Ave, Grammar School Road, Appleton Road, Burniston Road, Fairfax Ave, Murrayfield Road.

Phase 2 - 1,903 properties

County Road North, National Ave, Cropton Road, Cranbrook Ave, Cottingham Road, Bentley Grove, Tickton Grove.

*Dates are an estimation only. If any external factors involving engineering work arise, these dates may change. Exceptions may still apply.

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Why the fibre rollout is taking time

Unlike most other internet providers, we’re investing in laying fibre directly to your home, to give you a much faster and more reliable speeds. This takes longer and costs a lot more.

*Wherever possible we use Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology, to enable customers to enjoy the best possible superfast connection speeds. As at 31 March 2016, 93% of available properties were connected using FTTH.

Our multi-million pound investment will give customers the best possible internet connection

  •  UK based

    We’re one of the only companies in the UK rolling out fibre broadband directly to homes and businesses, as standard.

  •  Local investment

    Our multi-million pound investment in the city’s digital network is not only giving  the best connectivity today, but a major economic advantage for generations to come.

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Having a fibre connection straight to your home means:

  •  More reliable

    Standard broadband uses copper cabling which is traditionally used for phone lines. Bad weather can sometimes make your connection inconsistent and cause faults. This isn't the case with advanced fibre optic technology - it was designed to transfer data at high speed.

  •  No interference

    Fibre broadband is reliable 24/7. Unlike standard copper broadband, the speed and connection isn't affected even if there's lots of people in your area online at the same time or by in-home electrical items which can sometimes cause the connection to become unstable.

  •  Future technology

    As things like Smart TVs and online devices improve, they become more reliant and demanding on your broadbad service. Fibre means you'll always have the best connection meaning you can do all the things you love doing online today and in the future.

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Experience the difference of fibre broadband

  •  Favourite shows

    Stream Catch Up TV and movies without buffering

  •  Super fast

    Download music and HD movies in less time than it takes to make a brew

  •  Family time

    Everyone at home online at the same time without any slow down

  •  More reliable

    Just reliable superfast fibre broadband, day and night

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Hear how fibre broadband has changed our customers’ online experience in Hull

Though we would love to connect every house in these areas, sometimes technical issues mean not all houses in these areas will be able to receive Lightstream within the proposed timescales.