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April 2019

9th - Northpoint Shopping Centre


17th - Northpoint Shopping Centre


26th - North Point Shopping Centre

Meet the team

  • Jodie Stevenson from KCOM


    Fun fact about myself:

    I’ve been a competitive body-builder and also cycled routes of the tour de France!

  • Helen Milner from KCOM


    Favourite spot in Hull:

    It’s gotta be the Marina – it’s a lovely upcoming area with loads of new bars and restaurants

  • Tony Needham Walker from KCOM


    Fun fact about myself:

    I’ve jumped out of a plane, bungee jumped and parasailed… I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie!

  • Sarah Thurman from KCOM


    Fun fact about myself:

    I would have loved to have been born in the 50’s - I’m an Elvis Presley fan through and through!

  • Katie Lindley from KCOM


    Favourite thing about Hull:

    The shopping culture – there’s plenty of shopping to be done in the city centre and I love all the vintage boutiques and pop-up shops.