What will Hull be like in 2097?


Ever wondered what life will be like 80 years from now?

Forget The Jetsons – Hull schoolchildren have been debating life in the year 2097 as part of a major science fiction project.

The project is part of events for the City of Culture 2017.

Year 5 pupils from schools across the city, including Christopher Pickering, Cleeve and Alderman Cogan, have taken part in a workshop to discuss what the future might hold for Hull and the type of things they would like to see in their city.

The session was held at Hull’s digital hub C4D1 by internationally renowned artists Blast Theory.

In the run up to the workshop the pupils have been holding in-class discussions.

Sara Atkinson from Cleeve Primary School says they have been discussing “whether our homes will be filled with robots and how our streets could be transformed”.

The workshop has been based on Blast Theory’s talks with different experts to see how developments in climate change, technology and economics could affect Hull over the coming 80 years.

The artists are also seeking the perspective of people at the other end of the age spectrum, with sessions held with over-60s too.

Nick Tandavanitj, Blast Theory artist, said: “This project is really about how we as individuals and we as a city can set our own course for the future – what it is that we want our lives to be like.”

The ideas and suggestions will then inform Sci-Fi inspired art installations around city throughout 2017. The commission will be known as 2097: We Made Ourselves Over.

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