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KCOM connects Hull community


IT suite is connecting residents in more ways than one

An east Hull community is a hive of online activity thanks to KCOM.

Residents at Bayswater Court, in east Hull, can now enjoy the many benefits of being online after KCOM installed a free IT suite for them to use.

The IT suite has three computers which enables older residents at Bayswater Court to surf the web and explore new horizons online – as well as an opportunity to catch-up with a cuppa.

Katie Lindley, part of KCOM’s community engagement team, said the new IT suite is not only getting residents online, but bringing them together in the new social space.

She said: “When we heard that the residents at Bayswater would really benefit from having an IT suite, we thought it would be great if we could help out by providing free Wi-Fi and equipment.

“The internet is part of everyday life and residents can now do everything from doing their shopping online to talking to their councillors and even playing Candy Crush.

“It gives them a bit more independence and freedom, along with encouraging the tenants to talk to each other.” 

Councillor Denise Thompson (Ings, Labour) explained how important it is for the older residents to be online to feel part of the 21st century.

“The internet has allowed the residents to do much more, such as getting in touch with their family and keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world.

“It’s just fantastic, there’s a real buzz here. Having the computers available to use in ‘The Pop-In’, an area is bringing the residents together.”

Bayswater Court resident Sue Boddy, added: “It’s helped me not be so isolated in my own flat, having the IT suite helps me come out and get to know people. It’s helped bring the community together, which is what we wanted.”

Susan’s husband Mike Boddy, a Bayswater community committee member, said: “It was brought to our attention that many of the residents are pensioners who can’t use the internet - but wanted to learn how. We want to help teach them that the internet can be used for much more than just playing games.

“KCOM have been really good from day one, and the engineers were very helpful.

For more details about what KCOM does in the community visit https://www.kcomhome.com/community

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