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KCOM enlists MP to inspire youngsters in learning key skills


Hull MP sees KCOM's groundbreaking work with schools in action

Westminster came to west Hull this week when Emma Hardy MP dropped in to visit youngsters at Eastfield Primary School.

Emma, MP for Hull West and Hessle, visited the school to see Year Five children take part in KCOM’s new ‘Key Skills’ learning session, which uses fun games and activities to teach youngsters about online safety, communication and issues such as fake news.

She was joined at the school by KCOM managing director Sean Royce, who took part in activities including helping the children to design their own communication superheroes.

Emma, who was a teacher at Willerby Carr Lane Primary School for 10 years before becoming an MP in 2017, said she knew the importance of teaching children about online safety.

She said: “It’s crucially important in today’s world that we teach children about all the great opportunities there are and how they can enjoy being online, but also that there are dangers and not everything they see online may be trustworthy.

“I think it’s fantastic that KCOM is going out to schools with events like this and helping to tell children about keeping safe online in a fun and engaging way. It really helps to reinforce what the teachers are doing and encourages children to think in a different way about issues such as cyberbullying – and that there are people they can turn to for support if they’re worried about anything.”

Year Five pupil Lilly Fairburn, 10, said she had enjoyed taking part in the Key Skills games and had learned a lot.

“It’s been fun”, said Lilly, who was busy designing her football-themed superhero The Red Card who used her powers to send cyberbullies off the internet.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. We’ve learned about keeping ourselves safe and talked about what to do if people you don’t know try to talk to you on the internet.

“It’s been exciting to have an MP visit us because it’s not something that happens every day.”

KCOM’s Key Skills programme was launched last September and will be delivered at 15 schools in the Hull and East Yorkshire region in its first year. It was designed by education experts to support Ofsted’s online safety guidelines and Key Stage Two learning targets.

KCOM managing director Sean Royce said: “It’s been great to see our Key Skills day in action and to see how the children have engaged with it; learning about what a great place the internet can be but also that there can be dangers too.

“I’m delighted Emma was able to come and see our community team in action. I think the day has given her a real taste of the sort of thing we do regularly in local schools to help educate and inspire children to make the most of the incredible opportunities the internet can offer.”

Earlier this year KCOM was nominated for a Better Society award in the Commitment To The Local Community category for its work in Hull and East Yorkshire’s schools.

For more information about KCOM’s work in the community or to book a Key Skills activity day at your school visit https://www.kcomhome.com/community/about-us/

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