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Simnet Challenge


What is the Simnet Challenge? It’s a fun and engaging activity for primary school children which demonstrates how the internet works. 

It involves ropes (which act as the network cables) and dry-wipe velcro message boards (which act as emails). The children work in four teams to complete the task of sending and receiving emails.

To find out more, please use the link below and book your school's Simnet Challenge session.

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KCOM's Brendon Smurthwaite

Meet Brendon

As Community Coordinator, Brendon is responsible for the organisation and delivery of KCOM’s community programme. Working with local schools is a major part of the programme and the Simnet Challenge is a fun and engaging way of educating children on how the internet works.

If your school would like to take on the Simnet Challenge, Brendon and his team of volunteers will be more than happy to pay you a visit!

Craven Primary pupils take on the KCOM ‘Simnet Challenge’

Simnet Challenge

Children at Craven Primary Academy recently enjoyed a fun morning learning about the internet as they took part in the KCOM ‘Simnet Challenge’. Pupils from years four and five took on the activity which simulates how the internet works in an innovative and educational way.

Jayne Winstanley, Education Support Officer at Craven Primary Academy, said: “The children really enjoyed the activity and it provided them with a solid understanding of how the internet works whilst keeping things simple. They were all given a specific role within the activity and that helped to make it both engaging and fun at the same time.”

Brendon Smurthwaite, KCOM’s Community Coordinator, said: “The Simnet Challenge is a great way of demonstrating in an interactive way how the internet works, and the feedback we had from the children and teachers alike was very positive. The volunteers that took part from across our business enjoyed delivering the workshop and are looking forward to taking the activity to more schools during the coming months.”


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