Why choose KCOM mobile?


Discover the latest handsets and SIM only deals from KCOM mobile, powered by O2. Click now to find out what we can offer and find the perfect deal for you.

Why choose KCOM Mobile?

The UK’s most reliable network

KCOM mobile is powered by O2 which holds the title of Britain’s best network coverage in the uSwitch awards.

The latest handsets

Choose from the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the iPhone 7 and much more. Every one of our handset deals come with a huge 20GB data option.

Free calls to KCOM mobiles

Your loved ones can reach you wherever you are with free calls from KCOM landlines to KCOM mobiles.

4G internet

Enjoy your favourite websites, apps and content with a 4G internet connection which is up to 10x faster than 3G.

O2 Priority access

Get exclusive discounts, offers and moments only available with O2 priority.

Why choose a SIM-only deal?

Keep costs down

Our SIM-only deals start at £7.99 a month, with a range of data options available so you can keep a track of your spending.

Recycle an old phone

SIM-only is ideal for giving an old or unused phone new life, and makes a cost-effective option for giving the kids their first mobile.

No lengthy contracts

Our SIM-only contracts are for 12 months, so you don’t need to worry about being tied into a lengthy expensive contract.

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