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10 smart devices and apps that will make your next trip plain sailing


We’ve rounded up a list of nifty tech and apps for those who love to travel.

  1. Smart luggage

One of the main items you take away with you when travelling is your suitcase, so why not make it a smart one?

Bluesmart Luggage is a little pricier than your usual holdall, but this case has a built-in GPS tracker, a power bank for your phone, integrated scales and really handy segments to store your valuables.


  1. Smart Locks

If you can’t fork out for a super-techy case, be sure to keep your belongings safe and secure with a Bluetooth padlock. The Noke or Master Lock is a brilliant solution for those who regularly misplace keys or forget complicated codes, as it connects to an app on your phone.


  1. Mobile Wi-Fi

Stay connected wherever you are in the world with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. There are plenty of devices out there to try, such as the MiFi that allows up to ten different connections to the TP-Link M7350, which boasts an LCD screen to show you how much data you’ve used. You’ll never have to worry about expensive hotel Wi-Fi charges again.


  1. Power bank

It’s all well and good having smart devices, but what happens when they run out of juice? Investing in a few power banks before your next trip can save you a lot of hassle and stress, as you can keep your phone and tablet topped up when on the go.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to be away from a mains plug socket for a while, consider buying a solar charger that can be recharged with sunlight.


  1. Jet Lag Calculator

If you’re travelling long distances on a regular basis, you’ll know only too well the terrible feeling of jetlag. Hilary’s (yes, the blind company) has created the perfect solution.

Their online calculator draws up a plan for you by taking into account the number of timezones you cross, the direction you travel in and your usual sleep pattern. By using the app, you can get your body clock back into sync as fast as possible.


  1. Soulver

The costs can soon add up when you’re regularly jetting off to far-flung places, especially if there’s a large group of you. Luckily, there’s an app out there to ensure that everyone is sticking to the budget and won’t end up skint by the end of the week.

Soulver allows you to type in what you’ve spent as if you were scribbling on the back of a napkin. From here, the smart technology calculates it all for you.


  1. Localeur

What’s the point in visiting a new place if all you’re going to do is stay in the tourist zones? With Localeur, you can get real insight into what the locals do, from the best clubs to hit, to the most delicious cup of coffee in town.

Discover all those hidden gems that you may have otherwise missed if you stayed at the resort.


  1. City Mapper

One of the main concerns when you go off the beaten track is getting lost. However, with Citymapper you can explore new places to your heart's content.

Find out the departure times of local public transport, as well as if there are any disruptions. Meanwhile, you can view accurate, up-to-date maps of the place you’re staying in.


  1. PackPoint

Well-seasoned travellers have probably nailed the packing malarky, but for some this part of the trip is the most stressful.

If you’re heading somewhere new and you’re not quite sure what to take, PackPoint can help you. Simply tell it where you’re heading, when you’re going and what you’re planning to get up to and it will compose a list of all the essentials. Nifty, huh?


  1. Duolingo

Wherever you are in the world, it’s a good idea to learn some basic local phrases, even if it’s just “Hello, how are you?” or “Where is the closest toilet?” (the second one especially).

Duolingo places almost 70 languages at your fingertips, so there’s plenty to pick from. It slowly builds up your knowledge of the language with short daily challenges and games. A great app to download a few weeks before you travel.

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