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10 thrifty apps to save you cash


If you’re a penny-pincher, these handy apps are definitely for you.

  1. Compare prices with mySupermarket

This app allows you to create a shopping list and lets you know which major supermarket is selling that item at the lowest price. Meanwhile, scan the barcode in-store and you can instantly check whether it is cheaper elsewhere.

mySupermarket is free on iOS and Android.


  1. Save money on energy with Meter Readings

One of the biggest household expenses is energy bills. We can all easily become wasteful with our usage, whether it’s accidentally leaving the heating on or enjoying a long shower.

Meter Readings empowers you to cut down your spending by showing your usage and even providing a price comparison with other people in your area.

Meter Readings is 99p and available on Apple and Android devices.


  1. Never pay to park again with Parkopedia

If you regularly have to head into town, you might be frustrated with the amount of dosh you’re spending on parking. With Parkopedia, you can put your wallet away and get your phone out to search for free parking areas within your current vicinity.

It’s also a wonderful tool for those who like to visit new places.

Parkopedia is £1.99 via the App Store and Google Play.


  1. Make the most of your leftovers with BigOven

How annoying is it when you have lots of food in your cupboard, but still struggle to cook a proper meal? Download BigOven and be inspired by the incredible number of possibilities your fridge holds.

Just enter your leftover ingredients and the app gives you an idea of what you can cook for dinner from their 35,000 recipes.

BigOven is free to join and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


  1. Swap goods for cash with musicMagpie

Whilst this is more of a money-making app than a saving tool, you can exchange what you already have in your home and make a few pennies in the process. It really is a win-win.

Just scan the barcode of your old CDs, DVDs, games and electricals, send them off for free to musicMagpie and the cash will appear in your account the following day.

Start selling by downloading the musicMagpie app for free.


  1. Sell your stuff with Shpock

In a similar way, with Shpock you can earn money as you declutter your closet by selling your unwanted clothes and furniture to people in your area. Just snap a photo of the item you want to sell and upload it to the app.

You can also save a heap of money on second-hand wares by searching the boot sale platform.

Shpock is free to download from Google Play and the App Store.


  1. Do more with Groupon

Save cash on almost everything with voucher sites like Groupon and Wowcher.

With awesome deals at places near you, plus hundreds of discounts on everyday products, you may never have to pay full price for a family day trip or a pack of toilet rolls ever again.

Free to download, the Groupon App can be used on Apple and Android phones and tablets.


  1. Frugal flying with Skyscanner

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll know that plane tickets don’t come cheap. That’s why you’ll love Skyscanner, which invites you to hunt the internet in seconds and see which provider has the cheapest tickets available.

The Skyscanner app is free for Apple and Android users.  


  1. Conserve your data with Onavo Count

Accidently wasting your mobile data is frustrating, especially when it runs out before the end of the month. Equally devastating is that hefty phone bill when you go over your quota. Onavo Count cuts down the risk of this ever happening again.

By simply compressing file sizes, this nifty application minimises how much data your phone uses when not connected to Wi-Fi. You can also view all of your data usage quickly and easily.

Onavo Count is free to download on Apple and Android devices.


  1. Be loyal with Stocard

People often say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but many companies are now offering one when you revisit their restaurant and get your loyalty card stamped. The thing is, how many of us have annoyingly lost our loyalty cards right before claiming our coffee on the house?

Stocard stores all of your loyalty cards digitally, so you no longer need to worry about forgetting or losing your physical versions.

Stocard is free on Google Play and the App Store.

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