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A beginner's guide to online grocery shopping


Being able to order your groceries from the comfort of your living room is one of the greatest feats of the modern world.

Whether you’re too busy to fit the weekly food shop into your schedule or it’s just too cold outside to brave the freezer aisles in your local supermarket, you can easily solve your problems by popping online and filling your virtual basket to your heart’s content.

Here are a few top tips to help you ensure you’re getting the best bargains available with just a few clicks.


Find out the lowest prices with mySupermarket

There are a lot of supermarkets out there, and if you’re not the type of person who picks one of them and sticks to it forever, deciding where to purchase your weekly goods can sometimes be a super difficult decision.

The biggest problem is the fluctuation of prices on the same items in different shops. Finding a bargain in Tesco might be no good if you’ve found three other bargains in Asda, but how do you decide which one has the best prices overall? That’s where mySupermarket comes in.

With mySupermarket, you can quickly and easily compare prices of the products you're interested in from all the major supermarkets to find out where you'll be able to grab them at the best price. Once you’ve got an account, simply fill your basket and mySupermarket will show you which supermarket would be the cheapest to shop with.

Once you’ve made your decision, simply click on the one you want and you’ll be directed to their site, where mySupermarket will fill your basket with all of your previously chosen items. Piece of cake!

Don’t miss out on the quickest delivery times

One of the best things about doing a food shop online is that you can pick exactly what time you want your order to arrive. Once you’re at the checkout, you’ll see a variety of dates and times available, meaning you can even get ahead and pre-order snacks and drinks for a party you’re throwing in a week’s time.

The only issue that sometimes occurs when you want your order to come the next day is the pricing – popular time slots like in the early morning often rise in price or fill up completely, leaving you with fewer options.

It’s therefore worth checking potential delivery slots before you place your order, as supermarkets like Asda allow you to choose the time and secure your delivery before you start filling up your basket.


Don’t forget your shopping list

You might think that eliminating the process of physically going to the supermarket means you don’t need a shopping list, but writing down all of the items you need can still come in handy when it comes to efficiency and saving money.

It’s easy to get lost in all the different sections of supermarket websites and end up with a basket full of stuff you don’t need because it’s on offer. Having a list of the essentials ensures you don’t forget to add what you really need, meaning you can get all the important stuff sorted before you go mad for the desserts section.

If you’re on a budget, the list will guide you on when to stop adding products, keeping your order short and sweet. You can also add favourites to most supermarket websites, allowing quick adds and less temptation.

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