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A guide to Microsoft Office 2019’s new features


Exciting news for Microsoft fans – Office 2019 is now in the process of being rolled out for Windows and Mac users.

This is the first big update to the Microsoft Office format since the 2016 version, and with the upgrade comes a lot of big changes and exciting new features. Check out our overview below to find out what to expect.


Microsoft Excel

Regular users of Excel are now able to take advantage of new functions that aid productivity, such as Power Pivot and Power Query. The ability to publish from Excel to Power BI (Microsoft’s business analytics service) has been added too.

There’s also a whole host of new functions, such as useful formulas and chart options, and support for 2D maps and timelines, helping you to present and organise your data in the most accurate way possible.


Microsoft Outlook

Outlook has been kitted out with contact cards, support @ mentions within Outlook and a brand new inbox feature. Called the Focused Inbox, this new layout is set to help streamline your workflow and email drafting.

Users can now quickly tag people in emails using the @ function. PC users will also have travel and delivery cards, whereas Mac users get new email templates, such as a Send Later function for scheduling delivery times, and read receipts so you can check whether or not your email has been seen.


Microsoft Word

Similar to the new dark screen feature that comes with the latest Mac update and night mode on Twitter, Word has been kitted out with a new black theme. Like Outlook, Word 2019 will also have a Focus mode, which reduces the displayed UI elements and brings the dark screen into play.

There are also new sounds integrated into the program, more learning tools, and helpful text-to-speech features. Mac users can also enjoy customisable drop-down menus in their version of the Word interface.


Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint has been upgraded with enhanced zooming capabilities, the ability to easily manage 3D images, and enhanced roaming pencil case features. The changes for this program are all focused on enhanced media and visual element support in presentations.

There are new SVG files on slides, a selection of new morph transitions, the ability to export your presentation in stunning 4K UHD video format, and if you’re working on a touchscreen device, you can now write by hand and move selected elements with your pencil while editing documents.


Microsoft OneNote

OneNote has had the biggest update of them all. Technically a new OneNote release entirely, the update combines OneNote 2016's best features with Windows 10 usability.

Key features include ink-to-text, meaning your handwritten words can be easily turned into typed text – and improved syncing between your connected devices, culminating in a greatly enhanced user experience. 

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