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Read about the best apps on the market for helping you out of a creativity rut

Creative block can be a real downer, especially when you’ve got deadlines creeping up. Fortunately, there are several apps to help you break out of your rut and get back to being the prolific soul you know you are. We’ve listed a few of the best examples below.

The Brainsparker app allows you to trigger an endless supply of fresh ideas in one easy-to-use app. Hundreds of thousands of people are already using these random prompt cards to overcome blocks, boost creative thinking, brainstorm new ideas and fuel innovation.

Brainsparker works just like a pack of cards. When you’re feeling stuck or facing a creative challenge, simply open the app, shuffle the cards and tap on your screen to reveal a random prompt. Then sit back and watch as it sparks new ideas and unblocks your creative mind.

Get the Brainsparker app for free from the App Store.


One of the world’s leading online platforms, Behance allows you to showcase your creative work and discover infinite inspiration. Part of the Adobe Family, Behance’s team of talented curators feature new work every day from top portfolios in the fields of design, fashion, illustration, industrial design, architecture, photography, fine art, advertising, typography, motion graphics, sound design and more.

Many leading creative companies use Behance to scout for new talent, and millions of visitors use the site to track the latest and greatest trends for motivation and fun.

Behance is available on the App Store and the Play Store.


Another app that works like a portfolio, Curator enables you to collect, organise and present your ideas anywhere, anytime.

Curator is one of the best mood-board, portfolio and presentation apps for all you innovative professionals out there. It's great to use for a one-to-one meeting with a client and works just as effectively when displayed on a projector in front of an audience. You can mix websites, text and images from your smart device, or directly from online cloud sources such as Dropbox and Instagram, making it highly versatile.

Curator is free but it also offers a premium subscription or one-time purchases that give you additional exciting features, such as unlimited cloud backup and the ability to sync your content between all of your devices.

Curator is available to download from the App Store and the Beta version is currently on the Play Store.


Appropriately named considering its purpose, Unstuck is an in-the-moment digital coach that's ready for you anytime you're feeling stuck.

The app starts by helping you to diagnose what’s really going on, whether it’s a challenge at work, a relationship issue, or a goal that seems just out of reach. It teases out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re actually doing.

The intelligent interface identifies the type of stuck moment you’re having, helping you to understand its intricacies and suggesting ways for you to move forward.

Unstuck is available to download from the App Store for free.

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