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Earn credit with Google Opinion Rewards


Find out how to earn credits for your Google account by giving feedback

The idea of paying money for apps can be off-putting when you’re used to downloading them for free. Fortunately for Android users, there’s a way to get around this dilemma.

The Google Opinion Rewards app is an easy-to-use mobile survey tool that rewards you by depositing credits into your Google account. All you have to do is answer a few brief questions and your money will start building up, allowing you to buy a range of apps, digital movies, e-books and in-game purchases.


Getting started with Google Opinion Rewards

Once downloaded from the Play Store, Google Opinion Rewards will ask you to log into your usual Google account. Once you’re all signed in, the app will get you started with a test survey that aims to both ensure that you understand how the app works and establish your specific demographic.


How it works

The surveys you’ll be asked to fill in are wholly based on your recent shopping experiences, meaning you’ll always be able to provide honest answers. Most surveys take around ten seconds to complete, and If you remember to use the app regularly, it shouldn’t take long for you to end up with enough credit to spend in the Play Store.

It’s also a good idea to regularly check that the app is up to date, as changes to the survey collection system may not be compatible with older versions, meaning you could be missing out.


Make sure to be honest with your answers

Though it may sound too Orwellian to be true, there’s proof that the app knows when you fill in false answers, and can punish you by reducing the rate of actual surveys you receive.

One of the ways it can check is by providing you with fake surveys, that include trick questions such as asking you if you enjoyed your trip to a location that you didn’t actually visit, or took part in an activity that doesn’t fit your history. If you make sure to answer these fake surveys truthfully, the amount of them you receive will begin to decrease.


Don’t forget to spend your credit

Every time you complete a new survey, your updated balance will be displayed, letting you see how close you are to being able to afford a new app or mobile game. It’s a good idea to regularly check how much is in your digital wallet, as Google Opinion Rewards credit automatically expires 12 months after it was earned.

Keeping an eye on your balance lets you know how much needs spending and when, ensuring that all the time you spent doing surveys doesn’t go to waste.


You can download Google Opinion Rewards for your Android devices straight from the Play Store.

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