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eSports Roundup 18/06

After all the excitement from the gaming announcements at E3 2018, we’ve assembled a selection of what’s been happening in eSports across the world.

After all the excitement from the gaming announcements at E3 2018, we’ve assembled a selection of what’s been happening in eSports across the world.


UCI’s eSports team wins national title in League of Legends College Championship

On 10 June, UCI defeated Columbia College to win the 2018 League of Legends College Championship. The second-seeded Anteaters beat their fifth-seeded rivals 3-0 in the tournament final, held at Riot Games’ North American League of Legends Championship Series Arena in Los Angeles.

“I feel really accomplished and happy that we were able to win the 2018 League of Legends College Championship,” said Anteater Jeffrey “Descraton” Du. “This victory would not have been possible without the outstanding support we received from the UCI eSports community and our friends and families.”


Tim Masters appointed as Luckbox’s Head of eSports Content

eSports writer and editor Tim Masters has joined the ranks of eSports betting startup Luckbox as its Head of eSports Content. Formerly occupying roles such as Editor-in-Chief at GosuGamers and Assistant Editor at EsportsHeaven, Masters has also written for the likes of Ginx TV and VPEsports.

This won’t be his first time working at Luckbox, having already worked for the company on a consultancy basis for the past few months, helping it to shape its news output. The responsibilities of his new role include producing much of the writing and editing that the site distributes to the public.

Harrisburg University announces eSports summer camp

Harrisburg University has announced that the institution will be holding a summer eSports camp for high school students this week. The aim of the camp will be to improve students’ skills in eSports and gain a strategic advantage in games like League of Legends, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

The camp will give attendees an overview of the eSports industry and teach them about future career opportunities available to them in eSports management, production and entertainment.

“We approach collegiate eSports as a melding of academics with gameplay. Our students have the opportunity to pursue degrees in today’s sought-after STEM industries while training under world-ranked coaches. Our players are always students first. Our coaches teach knowledge needed by the students to succeed in their degree as well as skills in gameplay to be a well-rounded player,” said Dr. Eric Darr, President of Harrisburg University.


Firms to offer live immersive streaming of eSports

US-based VR/360 consultancy and production studio Supersphere have collaborated with integration provider Key Code Media to enable live streaming of eSports tournaments. The companies have created a live production flypack that is capable of handling 360, 180, 4K or HD, and seamlessly mixing and matching each geometry to create a thoroughly exhilarating experience.

“Through immersive live streaming we’re able to recreate the high energy and action of an eSports tournament – viewers can see each player, each monitor, gameplay, and social feeds, just as though they were in the arena,” said Lucas Wilson, co-founder and executive producer at Supersphere. “With our flypacks, any client will be able to deliver a customised experience in high resolution to fans anywhere in the world.”

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