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If you’re in need of gift inspiration for the tech pros in your life, check out our list below for some fun and quirky gadget ideas, from record players to ice cream makers.


Pro-Ject The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Vinyl collectors and superfans of The Beatles alike will love this unique and fun turntable. With its stylish shape and bright colour, it’s sure to attract many looks of love from all of your guests.

‘The Yellow Submarine’ is a belt-driven, yellow-coloured and submarine-shaped turntable that follows in the steps of the brand’s previous ‘1964’, ‘George Harrison’ and two ‘Sgt Pepper’ models that celebrate an era or occasion during The Beatles’ career. Retailing at around £389, it’s a must-have collectable for fans of the iconic British band.

Check out this quirky record player here.


Chipolo Classic

Do you know someone who’s always misplacing their things? Now you can change their daily searching dance routine with Chipolo. This digital community brings an extra layer of protection for those unfortunate times when your items are not only misplaced, but hopelessly lost.

Chipolo products easily connect with your smartphone to help you find specific possessions by ringing them or seeing where you left them on a map. Use Chipolo to find the most important things in your life, such as your keys, wallet, backpacks and more.

Check out the official Chipolo website here.


Light Up Neon Message Frame

With this cute frame, you can share messages with your loved ones, spread feel-good vibes and even quote your favourite lyrics. Simply write your messages in bright colours with the green, pink and orange pens on the clear glass of the frame, then light it up to see the message shine in all its neon glory.

A fun way to communicate messages in your home or to jot down important reminders, this light-up frame of the future is attention grabbing, fun and impossible to miss.

Get the Neon Message Frame here.


DIY Rolling Ice Cream Maker

Inspired by viral videos of ice cream rolls from Thailand, the DIY Rolling Ice Cream Maker is a frozen aluminium pan on which you create your own ice cream rolls. The box contains everything you need to get going, as well as a list of all the simple ingredients that you can pick up from your local supermarket.

Inside the box, you’ll find the rolling pan, two spatulas, a straw and spoon, six moulds, the instruction manual, and four exotic flavours that are utterly delicious. This fun ice cream maker is the ideal gift for all the cooks and creative chefs out there, or simply those who love a cold treat every now and then.

Purchase the DIY Rolling Ice Cream Maker here.

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