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How to publish an ebook and get it listed on Amazon


Tips for how you can publish an ebook

If your head’s full of ideas and you simply have to share them with the world, why not consider publishing an ebook? Below are some tips on how to do it.


Step 1: Write a book

The first thing is as obvious as it is crucial: you need to write a book that you think people will want to buy. However, there are a few others factors involved, such as creating or commissioning an eye-catching cover, purchasing an ISBN if you’re also going to release a printed version, whipping up a short and punchy blurb that will attract readers, deciding which categories your book best fits into, and deciding on a price that works for both you and your customers.


Step 2: Editing and proofing

No matter how amazing your writing style and great your attention to detail, chances are there will be errors or at least bits that could do with a little improvement. It might be that there isn’t a single typo or missing apostrophe, but editing takes many other things into account, including repeated or superfluous words, the composition of sentences, and the overall flow of paragraphs, chapters and the text as a whole.

You could either hire a professional editor, which obviously comes with a cost, or ask friends and family members who are particularly good at proofreading to take a look. In the process, they might even spot conflicting information, as it’s very easy to write a chapter and change it months later, but not realise that this has created an inconsistency elsewhere.


Step 3: Choose the right kind of formatting

Unlike a PDF, an Amazon Kindle ebook responds to the reader’s needs. This could be anything from changing the paragraph format when the user increases or decreases the font size, to offering a range of viewing options.

Though a PDF is digital, it works just like a printed piece of paper, so zooming in will cut off the sides of the page. An ebook file is different, allowing total integration with the Kindle so that the reader has full control over how they read.

In order to create a Kindle-compatible ebook, search around on Google for a good website or a company that offers the service. You won’t regret this, as being able to sell to Kindle readers is priceless.


Step 4: Create your Amazon KDP account

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing is very easy to use and offers an excellent platform for independent writers to sell their ebooks. Simply set up an account and fill in all of your details, then you’re good to go. Publishing an ebook takes less than five minutes and it will appear on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Aside from benefiting from Amazon’s enormous global marketplace, you can also enjoy up to 70% royalties on sales to customers in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

Amazon KDP allows you to set the price of your ebook and you can even make changes to your listing at any time. For instance, if you bring out another edition of the same book, you can replace the file with the new one quickly and easily.


Step 5: Talk about your book

Even if your ebook is a must-have resource or a ground-breaking novel, it probably won’t go very far without promotion. Prior to launching, raise as much awareness as possible in as many ways as you can , from starting conversations on social media, to telling all your friends, contacting your local press, plugging it on your website or blog, and any other promotional activity that will get the word out.


Step 6: Launch it and keep busy

The beauty of ebooks is that the single file that you’ve uploaded can be purchased by countless people without having to worry about printing and delivery. Still, don’t use this as an excuse to become disconnected from your readers – instead, make sure to reply to any emails or social media messages you receive, continue to bring your ebook to the attention of reviewers and book clubs, and keep track of your earnings for tax purposes.

Once everything becomes a natural and controlled flow, it’s time to start writing your next book!

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