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Keeping track of your feelings with Moodbeam


We take a look at the device developed in Hull that promises to change lives

With an office based in Hull’s C4DI building, the Moodbeam One is the world’s very first wearable device entirely focused on capturing and making sense of your moods. The device opens up the opportunity to better understand how we feel on a day-to-day basis, sending us on our way to figuring out how to lead happy, successful lives.


The concept of Moodbeam was invented by mother and journalist Christina Colmer McHugh. When her seven-year-old daughter was struggling to deal with a tough situation at school, Christina was left wondering what it would be like to know how her child was feeling when they weren’t together. The ideal product would give her the ability to mark how she felt throughout the day, and capture it somehow so that they could talk about it later on. After discovering that nothing of the sort already existed, Christina decided to take matters into her own hands and create something for her family, as well as the countless other families out there who might be in similar situations.


With limited knowledge on how to create something so tech-based from scratch, Christina was fortunate enough to team up with Gadget Shop Managing Director Jonathan Elvidge, who was very much on board with her plans and ideas – and thus, Moodbeam was born.


Three years on since the original conception of the Moodbeam, Christina and Jonathan have worked tirelessly to progress the idea, taking part in concept trials to help them gain better insights to what features would work best. Joined by three new team members in the form of Guy Wallace, John Connolly and Dr. Bruce Charlesworth, the five entrepreneurs have created a suave and intelligent device that is set to ship out in the spring for customers who have already pre-ordered one.


The unique technology behind Moodbeam aims to change lives with each simple button press. When you interact with the device, your mood is immediately logged – along with your sleeping habits and daily activities – in the companion Moodbeam app, available for both iOS and Android devices. This simple-to-use app presents all of the above information in a clear and understandable way, providing unique insight into the emotional wellbeing of the wearer.


By checking the app, you can keep up to date on all of your recent highs and lows, add helpful notes to your results, compare your sleeping patterns and activities against your moods, and choose to share your mood profile with friends and family, allowing them to keep a check on your wellbeing without being too overbearing.


In a society with such a heavy focus on taking care of one’s mental wellbeing and that of loved ones, Moodbeam is the perfect companion for those who could use a bit of extra assistance when it comes to self-care.


Moodbeam is available to pre-order on its official website, currently retailing at £49.95.

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