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New Apple software for smartphones and wearable tech


It’s been a busy few months for Apple, as they recently dropped a series of updates for devices such as the Apple Watch and the classic iPhone. Below are details for a few of the handy new features available across the updates, helping you get to grips with the exciting changes.

iOS12 The newest update for iPhones focuses on making the iOS experience smoother, ensuring that users encounter fewer bugs and faster load times. The software upgrade also includes an improved Photos app that offers more advanced searching capabilities and grouped notifications.

Siri has also had an upgrade, introducing fresh features such as Shortcuts for voice commands, which users can customise to perform several actions at once.


watchOS 5

The most popular feature added to the Apple Watch with this new update has got to be the Walkie Talkie. This allows Watch users to send each other short messages over Wi-Fi or a mobile network in a matter of seconds. All you need to do to get it working is press the orange circle on the watch face, record a message, and press send.

For fitness fanatics, you can now use your Watch to monitor your workout automatically. If you’re out for a run and you forget to start tracking your miles in the Workout app, you no longer need to worry – the auto detection feature will notice your constant motion and start tracking you instantly.

Other features included in this update are new yoga and hiking exercise profiles, Siri Shortcut capabilities, and, finally, the Apple Podcast app.


tvOS 12

Apple TVs have also been given the upgrade treatment. The biggest and best update included in tvOS 12 is Dolby Atmos support. This new addition makes the Apple TV the only set-top box available that is able to support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Once updated, users with compatible iTunes content will have all of the shows and movies in their library updated for free to support Dolby technology.

The update also added “zero sign-on” to the Apple TV, making the process of signing in to third-party apps much quicker and easier. The addition of Password Autofill allows users to sign in to their Apple TV apps smoothly, using saved passwords through the QuickType keyboard on an iPhone or iPad.


macOS Mojave

A large chunk of the new features included in this Mac update are based around aesthetics, adding items such as dynamic wallpapers that change style as the day goes by, new desktop stacks for better organisation, and a gallery view for the Finder window.

Several current iOS apps such as News, Voice Memos and Stocks have finally made their way onto Macs in this update, so you don’t have to worry if your phone dies in the middle of recording an important note. The App Store has also been given a brand new look, making it much easier to use.

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