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Nine of the best Netflix shows for kids


They say if you want to know how to work the TV remote, ask a nine-year-old.

So immersed are youngsters today in technology that using the internet and streaming services comes as second nature.

While youngsters of previous generations would crowd around the TV on a Saturday morning to watch Going Live or Number 73 – or if you’re of an even older vintage Swap Shop or Tiswas – today’s children turn to YouTube or Netflix. Cleverly-crafted TV timetables are almost a thing of the past.

So, now that your children are the only ones who know how to operate the telly, what are the best Netflix shows you should be directing them to?

We asked our resident six-year-old Netflix expert Libby to give her pick of the best – and to give each show a score out of ten.


Horrid Henry

It tells you about his life, and he’s horrid, not like me. Perfect Peter is his brother; he whines. Horrid Henry Goes Swimming is the best one; he pretends there is a shark in the pool, and Ralph scares him so much he swims really fast and is the only one to get his 5m badge.

Score 10/10

Little Lunch

This is from Australia. It tells you about what happened the day before. I like it because they’re all friendly and all laugh together and have fun. Their teacher is funny, she’s funny like my teacher Mrs C.  Tamara is the best, she’s like me because she likes competing in things, she’s really sporty.

Score 10/10

Horrible Histories

The most horrible thing I’ve learned in Horrible Histories is in the Middle Ages they used to go to the toilet out of the houses and if you were passing by in the street below it would go on your head. I also really like Stupid Deaths (hope next time it’s not you) and Savage Saxons.

Score 9/10

Daddy Day Camp

This is a movie, I’ve watched it two times. It’s great because the Daddy tries to make a camp and at first it goes all wrong. And then the next day he calls his Daddy and he’s a General. He teaches all the children survival skills. I go to Beaver camp sometimes where I shoot rifles and it’s a bit like Daddy Day Camp.

Score 8/10

Paw Patrol
I like it because it is adventurous. Chase is my favourite character. The pups are helpful to people in trouble and work as a team. They use the right equipment and I love their vehicles like Rubble’s digger.  

Score 7/10

The Magic School Bus

I like that they go on adventures and Arnold always says ‘I wish I went off this day’.


Story Bots

Everything about this is great! The best bit is when they learn what rain is and one of them wants to just learn about how rain happens. It starts as evaporation out of the ponds, then it goes up into the sky into clouds. Then the rain drops all club together and all fall as rain, into the ponds and rivers. There are “rain-deer” in this one. I like their boss because he is funny. They do Story Bots Super Songs in the middle of the programme.


Justin Time

It’s like Just In Time because Squidgy and Justin always arrive just in time and Olive is always in the time they go to. The adventurous one is where the go into the jungle. There’s a baby giraffe trapped on a rock which really is a hippo’s back.


Beat Bugs

I like the song at the beginning, and the slug. They have adventures in the garden.


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