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Remember 2019 forever with digital tools


We’re still in the very early days of 2019, which means there’s plenty of time to start new hobbies and goals with the intent to keep them going.

If one of your resolutions was to make more meaningful memories with your friends and family, why not look into some helpful digital tools that ensure you never miss the opportunity to capture a moment and make it last forever? We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to make lasting memories with your technology.


Digital photo albums

Photo albums have been a staple of sharing heartfelt memories since the camera was invented, but not everyone is so keen on using disposable devices, printing out snaps or spending money on getting photos professionally taken. That's why the last few years have seen the growth of a new and exciting piece of tech – the digital photo frame.

These small electronic displays play your photos and videos like a slideshow, so you can choose to have them cycle through your online photo albums or simply display one image. This means you can show off your favourite memories more efficiently than ever before, with the freedom to change them quickly and easily.

One of the best digital photo albums available is the NIX Lux 8 inch digital frame, retailing for £119.99 on the company’s website. They’re also offering 10% off selected frames until 13th January, so you can start your year off with a good bargain.


Google Maps timeline

Recently made available for iOS devices, making it even easier to use, the Google Maps timeline is something of a life log too. It has the ability to track all the places you’ve visited over a specific period of time, which is super handy when it comes to accidentally discovering a new cafe or dog-walking spot that you’d love to visit again.

Users can revisit places they’ve visited via a new tab in the Google Maps menu, and Google will also add a note detailing the date and time you were there. This information is only visible to you, so you don’t even have to worry about privacy. If you’re an avid traveller, there’s also an option to subscribe to monthly emails from Google that will summarise all the places you’ve visited in the last four weeks.


Video platforms for live streaming

Though some people may think that this way of sharing content is best for streaming gameplay, general day-to-day live streaming has grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to social media.

Features such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live allow users to stream whatever they want, whenever they want, from wherever they want, allowing friends and followers to experience the excitement with them in real time.

It’s a great tool for outings such as family holidays, as it allows you to share your adventures with people at home, allowing them to feel like they’re part of the fun. Most platforms also save your streams automatically, so you can watch them back anytime you feel like it and share your videos with people who might have missed out.

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