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The best apps for editing photos


With the summer sun making everything so photogenic, here’s our selection of the best photo editing apps to ensure that your snaps always look top quality.


One of the most obvious and popular choices for editing your photos is Instagram. The app doesn’t have quite the same range of tools as others such as Snapseed and Enlight, but if your photo doesn’t need any selective or advanced adjustments, it should be enough to get your photos a ton of likes.

Instagram has tools for adjusting exposure, colour and sharpness. You can also crop, rotate, straighten and correct perspectives, and add a vignette or tilt-shift effect to your images.

The app also has a varied range of popular adjustable filters that can change the look and feel of your photo in seconds, such as adding sepia tones or brightening up key elements. And if you prefer to edit your photos in a different app, you still have the opportunity to apply an Instagram filter before sharing.



This is another widely popular photo editing app best known for its collection of filter presets that emulate the look of classic film. If you like to create a vintage or understated look in your photography, then VCSO is the app for you.

Unlike other apps where the filters can be overpowering, VSCO presets are more subtle. Many of them have a soft, faded look that has become very popular on Instagram. You can adjust the strength of the presets to suit your taste and fine-tune the exposure or saturation using a range of simple editing tools.


Huji Cam

A little different to the above apps, Huji Cam is a fun and free tool that imitates the physical look of the first Fujifilm Quicksnap disposable camera, complete with the white flash of light in the corner.

When a photo is taken, the Huji Cam app takes your shots to “the lab”. Once you click the shutter, a processing icon appears. On the disposable camera interface, you are unable to preview images, but you can access the photo right away.

Whilst extremely retro, there’s obviously no film roll, meaning you can take photos on and on until you’re drained. Huji Cam does not allow for photo imports on the free version at the moment moment, though you can pay 99p to implement this feature.



Another app worth a download is Snapseed, which is very easy to use and offers a powerful collection of tools to spice up your images.

This app has a great set of basic photo editing tools, such as exposure, colour, sharpening and cropping. You’re able to make selective adjustments and remove any unwanted objects that might have ended up in your photo by accident.

Like Instagram, various filters allow you to enhance or change the mood of your images, so it’s well worth a download.

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