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The best Christmas online playlists


The best playlists that bring together all your festive favourites

Ready to get your festive groove on? We’ve put together some of the best playlists for home and workplace alike.


Spotify: Christmas Hits

Let’s start with the classics, which is what Christmas Hits offers in abundance. The first track on the list is, unsurprisingly, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey, which was always popular but became everyone’s absolute favourite thanks to that famous scene in Love Actually.

With 90 songs in total, you can also expect to hear classics that include Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Baby and Do They Know It’s Christmas, yet not a Slade track in sight!


Amazon Music: Christmas Carols

If you’re subscribed to Amazon Music, you can listen to music by individual artist, album, genre and stations. One station that we highly recommend for December is simply called Christmas Carols (a quick search or asking Alexa to help will take you straight to it), which contains beautiful renditions from Michael Bublé, Aled Jones, Choir of King’s College, and the wonderful 1982 collaboration between Bing Crosby and David Bowie.


YouTube: Merry Christmas 2019

If you prefer to listen on good old YouTube, Merry Christmas 2019 (they seem to be living a year in the future) is an 85-minute collection of awesome tunes, from everyone’s favourite Wham! track, to the crazy high-pitched cheer of Crazy Frog.

Don’t worry, the video slide gives the start times of each track, so you can easily skip forward if there’s something not quite to your liking.


Bandcamp: Christmas Jazz

Fancy something smooth and classy? The Christmas Jazz playlist on Bandcamp adapts many well-known Yuletide songs into rhythmic instrumentals, as well as a few classical compositions such as ‘Fur Elise’, ‘March of the Nutcracker’ and ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’.

Uploaded by Blue Claw Jazz, the artwork says that it’s perfect for cocktails, party restaurant, café and lounge, not to mention whilst chilling with friends in front of a roaring fire.


TuneIn: Christmas Creeps

Some people think that it’s a bit too early to celebrate Christmas, in which case how about easing into it with a hilarious podcast that’s dedicated to the magic of terrible holiday movies? Christmas Creeps is hosted by Joe, Jon and Karyn, who never shy away from picking a movie apart as if it’s a stuffed turkey.

Listen to one of their episodes and we guarantee you’ll start feeling festive in no time.


Bonus: Christmas Dubstep

For those who are adventurous and always on the lookout for something fresh, we thought you might be interested in the Christmas Dubstep playlist on Spotify. Unlike all of the suggestions above, this one isn’t family-friendly (we’re not just talking about kids, as we very much doubt that grandma will appreciate the strong bassline and occasional use of explicit lyrics).

If you put this one on at work, don’t forget we warned you that your boss might not consider it as appropriate as you do.

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