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The best new smartphones


The latest and greatest smartphones are constantly evolving and embracing new technologies to make our lives a little easier. We’ve gathered a list of the best ones out there with a breakdown of what they offer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Plus

Samsung is possibly one of the best Android phones on the market today. The new Samsung Galaxy S9 has a gorgeous 5.8-inch dual-curved screen, allowing users to view content in the most stunning way possible. The phone also boasts wireless charging and is water-resistant.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9 Plus offers all of this and more; it’s bigger that the standard S9 and has a larger battery too. A bonus feature offers an additional camera lens on the back that enables you to take depth-of-field portrait photos. In other words, you can blur the background a little so that your subject really pops out.


Apple iPhone X

The iPhone is one of the most popular choices when it comes to smartphones and many won’t need convincing to pick up the latest model.

The iPhone X, which is pronounced iPhone “ten” not “X” by the way, fuses handheld comfort with a gorgeous OLED screen. Shooting in low light is not a problem for the X, as the rear lens has telephoto capabilities. Additionally, users can enjoy quality selfie time with the impressive front camera.

One of the key features that is currently causing a stir is the face ID recognition. Yep, you can now use your mug to unlock and access your phone.


Google Pixel 2

The newest Google phone is all about taking fabulous photos and exploring the world. The brilliant dual-camera has the power to seamlessly capture your surroundings, even when they are badly-lit.

On top of this, the incredible Google Lens feature brings up a heap of information on whatever it sees. The phone is also highly water-resistant, making it perfect for those who are constantly on the go and frequently travel to weird and wonderful places.


LG V30

A close Android contender for Samsung, the LG V30 has it all. Combining a great camera, huge screen, superb battery life, the ability to survive in water and charge wirelessly, it’s certainly a strong competitor for the previously mentioned devices.

What sets this phone apart from the rest is the rear-mounted power button with fingerprint sensors, something that we didn’t know we needed until now.

Moreover, the 6-inch OLED display provides users with a vibrant, crisp experience.


OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T was recently recognised as the best mid-priced phone you can buy by CNET at their Editor’s Choice Awards.

The affordable model has increased its screen size from its last release of the OnePlus 5 and paired high-end hardware and software to create a device that is excellent value for money.

The 5T also has face unlock functionality that allows you to quickly access your device by mapping out your features with infrared light, making it a realistic and less expensive challenger for the iPhone X.

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