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What are ethical apps and how are they changing the world?


Apps that make it easier to live more ethically

Making the decision to live more ethically is a great idea, but applying the principles to all aspects of your lifestyle can sometimes be tricky. How can you make sure that you’re making the best purchase when you shop, hire a company, buy clothes or even make a donation to charity?

That’s where ethical mobile apps come into play. For almost any issue you care about, it’s likely you can find an app that gives in-depth information, guides your actions, and makes it easy for you to live life as ethically as possible. We’ve listed a few of the best ones below.


Too Good To Go

Nobody likes to see perfectly good food go to waste but it's very common for both businesses and households to throw away excess items. This app lets everyone do their bit to reduce food waste, whilst also helping you to find delicious grub and support local businesses.

The app is mutually beneficial, as companies get to reduce their waste and entice new customers to try out their offerings, which all contributes to a better environment for everyone thanks to higher sustainability and reduced wastage.

Too Good To Go started operating in the UK in June 2016 and so far has managed to amass an incredible community of over 469,840 Waste Warriors, with more than 1,393 partner stores across the country.

This mouth-watering tool is available on the App Store and the Play Store.


Good On You

This app is the world’s leading source of ratings, information, offers and news about ethical and sustainable fashion, making it easy for you to shop ethically using trusted ratings on thousands of clothing brands delivered straight to your smartphone.

Good On You connects people who want to make positive fashion choices with the brands that are doing the most to be ethical, sustainable and fair. When thousands of us reward the brands that do the right thing – and avoid the ones that don’t – we push all companies to do better.

This is your chance to become part of a growing global movement that embraces slow fashion, the circular economy and the principles of fair trade. Together we can make sure what we wear has a positive impact – reducing waste and pollution, empowering garment workers and protecting animals.

Join the style revolution by downloading this app from the App Store and the Play Store.



Giki lets you scan thousands of supermarket products to see whether they are sustainable, responsible and trustworthy.

What is it that you care about? It could be healthy eating, sustainable palm oil, avoiding toxic chemicals, animal welfare, climate change or recycling. Whatever your priorities, Giki will enable you to understand the true impact of your products and help you to buy from brands that share your beliefs.

The app is brought to you by Giki Social Enterprise, a small team with a big mission to inspire users to make small, regular changes in their consumer behaviour, leading to a better world that’s fair on people, communities and the environment.

Find this life-changing app on the App Store and the Play Store.

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