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What is Amazon Marketplace and how does it work?


With Christmas fast approaching, Amazon is a great option for finding gifts that will be delivered swiftly to your door, saving you the hassle of having to brave late-night shopping on the high street in arctic weather conditions.

Although a lot of the products on the site are sold by Amazon itself, sometimes you can save yourself money by shopping through third-party sellers – this is where Amazon Marketplace comes in.


What is Amazon Marketplace?

Much like eBay, a variety of the items sold on Amazon actually come from third-party sellers. When viewing a product, a line by the ‘add to cart’ button will let you know where it is you’re buying from, identified by the ‘sold by’ tag in front of the seller.

Sometimes the product will be sold by both Amazon and other sellers, in which case adding it to your cart will automatically ensure it comes from Amazon itself. However, if you’re looking to save money, you should keep an eye on the ‘buy used’ and ‘buy new’ options underneath the product description. These buttons will show you the full range of other sellers you can purchase from, how much the product will cost, the shipping fee and the condition of the item.

For example, if it’s a book you’re looking to purchase, you’ll often have the option of buying it used, which can be as little as 99p plus shipping. All used items also let you know what condition they’re in, with identifiers such as ‘used - like new’ and ‘used - very good’.


Is it safe?

Purchases from third-party sellers still go directly through Amazon, so you can be assured that your money is in safe hands and you won’t be ripped off.

In the rare event that there is a problem with your purchase, there’s no need to worry too much – simply get in touch with Amazon and let them know what’s happened, and they’ll do their utmost to ensure that everything is sorted, either by getting you your money back or ensuring that you receive the item you’ve paid for.


Can I sell products through Amazon Marketplace?

If you’ve got your own little business, or you’re just keen to do a big clear-out and make some money on your old things, you can use Amazon Marketplace to earn some quick and easy cash.

Sellers are divided into two categories: casual and professional. Casual sellers are classed as those selling 35 items per month or less, and only need to pay a completion and referral fee for each item they sell.

Professional sellers, who sell more than the aforementioned 35 products per month, have the ability to sell a greater range of products than casual sellers, and are also given bulk listing tools to make it easier to sell high volumes. To be a professional seller, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee on top of the individual completion and referral fees, but with the money you’ll make back on the products you sell, it’s certainly worth having a go.

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