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What to watch on All 4


Whether you’re looking for a gripping drama or a classic British comedy, Channel 4 has always had an endless supply of new and old TV shows for you to enjoy when you want to unwind. We’ve rounded up some of the best All 4 has to offer this month, so find the remote control and grab the snacks!

The Bisexual

A new offering from Channel 4 written by and starring Desiree Akhavan, The Bisexual is a comedy-slash-drama about the unusual relationship formed between two new housemates.

Coming to the realisation that she’s bisexual, New Yorker Leila breaks up with her long-time partner in life and business, Sadie – played by Northern hero Maxine Peake. After moving in with Gabe, a neurotic novelist, together the housemates enter into an awkward partnership, as Leila tries to navigate the dating world that suddenly comes with a lot more options.


First Dates

Several seasons of the popular real-life dating show First Dates are available to watch at any time, which is especially good if you need a dose of watching people fumble their way around finding love.

Set in a fancy restaurant in London and narrated by lovable Frenchman Fred Sirieix, the show follows several singletons each episode, as they sit through a blind date with a suitor chosen for them based on their likes and interests.

The show has spawned tons of happy endings, with weddings and babies coming from some of the partnerships set up, but there are also a host of absolutely cringeworthy dates to suffer through – great if you enjoy getting severe secondhand embarrassment from your telly.



The first season of this delightfully dark comedy series aired back in 2015 and fans were finally treated to a second offering this year. Starring powerhouses Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt in the lead parental roles, Flowers follows married couple Deborah and Maurice and their oddball twins, Donald and Amy. Joining them is Japanese illustrator Shun, who lives in the family shed and produces the artwork for Maurice’s weird and wonderful children’s books.

After a botched suicide attempt by Maurice, the series follows the family as they learn how to deal with their dad’s depression as well as all of their own personal issues. Fans of BoJack Horseman will enjoy this one, as it’s a touching and informative look into mental illness.


Peep Show

All of the seasons of this Mitchell and Webb classic are available on Netflix too, but if you don’t pay for a subscription, it’s good to know you can still get your fill of awkward British humour from Channel 4 itself.

Focusing on main characters Mark and Jeremy, Peep Show delves into what it’s like navigating the world of dating, working and making friends when you’re in your 30s and still haven’t quite learned how to socialise like a normal adult.

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