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You can be an e-Mentor with the University of Hull


With over 15,000 students across a huge range of degree programmes, the University of Hull is a hub of first-class education and vocational training. Helping students to enhance their future path, the university’s Careers, Entrepreneurship & Study Abroad team is always on hand with expert advice, insightful events and life-changing opportunities.

Part of this service is its e-Mentoring programme, which links businesses and entrepreneurs with students who are eager to learn about specific sectors and practices. Whilst helping students to get a grasp on the world of work, this is also a great way for professionals to give back to the community and play a part in shaping the next generation of business leaders and creative thinkers.


Mentors aren’t allocated mentees willy-nilly. Instead, the Careers Service works hard to match people with mutual career interests. For instance, a Law student could be introduced to a solicitor, whereas another who’s studying Business will be put in touch with a specialist who focuses on management, marketing and/or sales.


We really can’t stress enough how valuable this programme is to university students. As the “e” part of the word suggests, e-Mentoring can be delivered through digital platforms, with many mentors chatting to students via emails, phone calls and Skype sessions. However, if you have the time to invite the mentee to your workplace or meet them somewhere for a coffee, this will enable even stronger collaboration and discussion.


Michael Barr is a Computer Science and Games Development student whose participation in the e-Mentoring programme has had very clear and positive results: “My mentor was helpful and supportive. I feel like a different person, more confident in general and ready to go into the working world.”


The programme runs from November until the end of April each year, with mentors based all over the UK and even overseas thanks to the option of online communications. A large degree of flexibility allows you to deliver the mentoring however works best for your schedule, with the Programme Coordinator on hand if you need any guidance. Popular tips and support to offer are reviewing a mentee’s CV, providing insight into a typical day at work, and helping them to develop a career action plan.


Matt Beecroft, e-Mentoring Programme Coordinator, says: “e-Mentoring offers our students a fantastic opportunity to have contact with an industry professional linked to their future career aspirations. Throughout their time studying with us, we encourage our students to build their professional contacts, research career ideas and gain insight. Having a period of contact with an industry-based mentor supports this whilst building their confidence, helping them to make more informed choices and clarifying career goals.”


If you’d like to get involved and help a student to create a solid career plan, contact Matt Beecroft at or call 01482 465098.


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