Christmas setup - get your devices online and secure

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Christmas setup - get your devices online and secure

We've created some guides to make setting up and using your new devices this Christmas as easy as (mince) pie!

Our guide to data usage has been designed to explain which online activities are going to use the most data, as some of those new devices can be sneaky in how many of your gigabytes they eat up.

Data usage - everything you need to know

The guides to Parental Controls will help you to make all your new devices safe for children to use, without you worrying about what they're up to. Many children are now on social media, so privacy features are key to keeping them safe.

Staying safe on social media

Setting up Parental Controls on your new devices

Setting up KCOM Parental Controls for your home broadband

We've got setup guides for the most popular games consoles, Apple devices, and Android devices. Each of them give you the simple setup, but contain links to the official websites for further help.

Connecting your games consoles to the internet

Connecting your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the internet

Connecting your Android device to the internet

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