KC's fibre service brings superfast speeds to rural East Yorkshire

Thursday 1 December 2011

KC's fibre service brings superfast speeds to rural East Yorkshire

Residents of the village of Weel in East Yorkshire are the latest customers in Hull and East Yorkshire to be offered KC’s superfast fibre optic broadband. 

KC is connecting customers in Weel using fibre to the home technology to give customers speeds of 100Mbps.Existing Karoo customers can take part in a trial of the new service which includes unlimited downloads.

Councillor Stephen Parnaby, Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said “It’s great to see KC installing fibre in rural areas in the East Riding and giving residents there access to the very best broadband available in the UK. Too often rural residents are neglected when it comes to the provision of services, but KC’s investment demonstrates its commitment to the whole region.”

With speeds of 100Mbps – more than twice as fast as BT’s Infinity fibre service – KC’s superfast fibre optic broadband will allow customers to download an entire music album in less than two seconds, an hour-long television show in around 30 seconds and a full high-definition movie in one to two minutes. 

KC’s Director of Network and Engineering Services, Andy Whale, said “For me, the most satisfying part of our fibre roll-out is seeing the reactions on customers’ faces when they first try the service. At first people are simply amazed at just how fast it is, which is quickly followed by excitement about what they’ll be able to do with their new broadband service. 

“Over the last two years we’ve invested several million pounds in our network to upgrade it and increase its capacity so that our customers already get a fantastic broadband experience as they spend more time online and use services that need much more bandwidth. 

“With our multi-million pound investment in fibre broadband we’re bringing the full power of the internet into their homes and businesses.” 

Weel, on the outskirts of Beverley, has previously experienced low download speeds due to its distance from the nearest telephone exchange. KC chose to deploy fibre there to both improve customers’ speeds and also because it’s one of the most technically challenging areas in which to deliver superfast broadband. 

KC has already connected more than 200 customers to its new superfast fibre broadband in Woodmansey and in Hull city centre. 

By the end of next year KC will offer fibre broadband to 15,000 homes and businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire, with locations and information about the different services available due to be announced at the beginning of January. 

In the meantime, a demonstration suite in KC’s customer service centre at its main office in Carr Lane is showcasing the new super fast service so customers across Hull and East Yorkshire can drop in to see for themselves how fibre will transform their online experience. 

To find out more or sign up for the trial in the Great Thornton Street area or Weel people can call KC’s fibre team on 01482 604911 or visit www.kc.co.uk/fibre.