The quest is on in KCOM’s Young Writers Competition

Thursday 13 July 2017

The quest is on in KCOM’s Young Writers Competition

Dramatic developments are the order of the day as KCOM’s Young Writers Competition unveils its latest instalment.

Chloe Gregory, nine, of Keldmarsh Primary School, Beverley, is the fifth winner of the competition, which is asking youngsters to add a new chapter to its unfolding story, The Magic Phone Box, each week.

So far, the story has seen our young hero Tom transported in the magic phone box to a fantastical world where he has met a mysterious cowboy called Buck and helped his new friends the unicorns in a war against villainous dragons and Vikings.

For her instalment Chloe has revealed the reason why Tom was chosen to go on his incredible journey. He must now defeat the leader of the dragons, to liberate the land and unleash the magic to get himself home again.

Chloe, who receives a KCOM goodie bag and a Kindle Fire HD for being picked as this week’s winner, says she enjoys writing and “making new adventures up”.

She said: “I decided Tom needed a bigger baddie to fight - and I knew that the dragons had been mentioned before - so I decided to make Tom’s quest to fight the leader of the dragons.”

Chloe, who wants to be an author or a teaching assistant when she grows up, added: “I’ve enjoyed doing the competition. It’s been fun to continue the story.”

With two weeks still left to go, there are still two more chances for other youngsters to enter and win a Kindle Fire HD of their own.

Even if they don’t scoop the first prize, every child who enters will receive a collector’s K6 cream phone box key ring.

Will Tom complete his quest? Will there be any last minute twists in the tale? There’s only one way to find out…

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Here is Chloe’s exciting chapter:

Tom started leading the animals to the dragons; he was going to defeat them. Then he saw a familiar face. It was Buck.

“Stop Tom,” he said, “you shouldn’t fight the dragons, there’s something more important to do.”

“But,” said Tom confused.

“Don’t worry about them Tom,” Buck said sternly, “you need to defeat the leader of the dragons.”

 “Why?” Tom asked.

“The dragons took over our land a few years ago and made it a miserable place. Now you can’t get home because the magic is fading and the phone box has disappeared. If you defeat the dragon leader all the other dragons will fade too and the land will turn back to normal, you will be able to get back home.”

So Buck gave him directions and Tom set off. Wondering if he could do this Quest…