Turn your home
into a Smart Home

With a local team to help you out, controlling and monitoring your home is easy.

Turn your home 
into a Smart Home with KCOM
  • Security when you're not home

    Security when you're
    not home

    Whether you're away and want to curb intruders or like a bright welcome home from work, it's easy to control from your smartphone.

  • Coffee machines that wake up before you do

    Get your caffeine-kick brewing from bed, by switching on your coffee machine from bed - anything to make the mornings less of a struggle.

  • Keep track of your
    energy use

    Get weekly and monthly summaries of your energy use, as well as real-time tracking to help you avoid surprise bills at the end of the month.

How does it all work?

Smart Home devices make it quick and easy to control, automate and monitor the electronics in your home, all from your mobile or tablet.

You don't need to buy a hub, either. It's all controlled by the free TP-Link Kasa app, available for both Android and iOS.

  • TP-Link Smart Wi-FI LED Bulb

    TP-Link Smart Wi-FI LED Bulb LB110 (White) - £24.99

    • It's sustainable: up to 22.8 years' life
    • Works with any Wi-Fi router
    • Adjust brightness to suit your mood
    • Improve home security
    • Save energy use
    • Easy to set up and control
  • TP-Link Smart Wi-FI LED Bulb

    TP-Link Smart Wi-FI LED Bulb LB130 (Colour) - £37.99

    • Colour possibilities to suit any occasion
    • Choose warm or cool lighting, depending on your mood
    • No extra hardware required
    • Set schedules to turn on/off
    • Save light settings for instant access
    • Can be controlled individually or as a group
  • TP-Link Smart Wi-FI Plug

    TP-Link Smart Wi-FI Plug HS110 - £29.99

    • Control devices from your smartphone or tablet
    • Scheduling for automatic powering of electronics
    • Analyse power consumption as it happens
    • Can be used with other Smart-Home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Dot
    • Weekly and monthly reports of your energy use

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