Let us take care of pesky nuisance callers

Nuisance calls aren’t just a nuisance. They can be stressful, time consuming and intrusive of your personal time. The Call Blocker stops 98% of nuisance calls before they even get to you. If a caller happens to slip through its pre-set screening process, it will ask the caller to verify who they are before the phone rings. Get back in control of your home phone.

trueCall call blocker

It's like having your own receptionist at home

trueCall Call Blocker acts like your very own receptionist. It checks every phone call before your phone rings. Calls that you want are put through, but unwelcome ones are blocked. If it doesn't recognise a caller, it'll ask them to identify themselves.

Say NO to...

  • International call centres
  • Recorded or 'robot' calls
  • Silent calls
  • PPI calls
  • Accident claims
  • Virus scams
  • Market research


How does it work?

Blocking calls

trueCall sits between your phone and the wall socket and checks every call before it allows your phone to ring. It quickly learns who you like to speak to and who you don’t. Friends and family get straight through, callers you have blocked are rejected, and all other callers have to identify themselves before they can ring your phone. Nuisance callers know that you won’t accept their call so just hang up.

Option to record calls

You have the option to purchase a trueCall call recorder memory card so you can record incoming and outgoing calls and play them back on your PC. This is very helpful if you ever receive malicious calls, need to resolve disputes over ‘who said what’ with companies, or are harassed by collections companies.

Stop nuisance callers now.

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