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Lightstream Rollout Announcement

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In October, we announced that we had passed 100,000 properties with fibre.

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In the coming months, details of streets will be announced. In the meantime you can register your interest to get email updates.

Bricknell Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Live now

Allderige Ave, Appleton Road, Barrington Ave, Bricknell Ave, Burniston Road, Chanterlands Ave, Cottingham Road, Fairfax Ave, Grammar School Road, Goddard Ave, Kenilworth Ave, Murrayfield Road and Strathcona Ave.

3,205 Properties

Live now

Bentley Grove, Cottingham Road, County Road North, Cranbrook Ave, Cropton Road, National Ave and Tickton Grove.

1,903 Properties

Headon and Preston Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Live now

Baxter Gate, Church Lane, George Street, Ketwell Lane, Sheriff Highway.

485 Properties

Phase 2: Beginning of October

Charles Street, East End Road, Main Street, Manor Park, Market Place, Preston Road, Soutter Gate, St Nicholas Gate, Station Road, Weghill Road, Wyton Road, Neatmarsh Road and Staithes Road.

1,815 Properties

Phase 3: Mid-November

Ainslie Road, Bond Street, Brevere Road, Cleeve Road, Drapers Lane, Greville Road, Hull Road, Inmans Road, Magdalen Road, Sacred Gate, Shields Road, St Mary’s Drive and Westlands Road.

2,658 Properties

Willerby Road Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Live now

Brooklands Road, Woodgate Road, Lomond Road, Kirklands Road, Birdsall Avenue, Coronation Road North, Willerby Road, Manor Road and Westerlands.

2,175 Properties

Phase 2: End of October

Calvert Road, Rosedale Grove, Willerby Road, Wold Road, Danube Road, Bristol Road, Worcester Road, Wymersley Road, Moorhouse Road, Ledbury Road, Coronation Road South, Priory Road, Dayton Road and Shropshire Close.

4,523 Properties

Kirk Ella and Anlaby Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Phase 1: Beginning of October

Beverley Road, St Julians Wells, Wolfreton Garth, Church Lane, Riplingham Road and West Ella Road.

879 Properties

Phase 2: Beginning of November

Fairfield Ave, Redland Drive, Anandale Road, Springfield Way, Saffrondale, Mill Lane, Easenby Avenue and Woodland Drive.

1,235 Properties

Phase 3: End of November

Lowfield Drive, Legard Drive, Wilson Street, West Ella Road, Mill Lane and Valley Drive.

1,461 Properties

Phase 4: Mid-December

Tranby Lane, Woodland Drive, Beverley Road, Hull Road, Grimston Road and First Lane.

1,391 Properties

Beverley High Road Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Phase 1: Mid-November

Beverley Road, Etherington Road, Esmond Street, Riversdale Road, Silverdale Road and Strathmore Avenue.

718 Properties

East Hull Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Phase 1: End of December

Coming to 1,406 properties. Streets will be announced soon.

Phase 2: Beginning of March

Coming to 91 properties. Streets will be announced soon.

Beverley Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Phase 1: Mid-February

Coming to 1,560 properties. Streets will be announced soon.

Phase 2: End of March

Coming to 4,392 properties. Streets will be announced soon.

Hessle Lightstream Rollout Announcement

Phase 1: Mid-March

Coming to 3,763 properties. Streets will be announced soon.

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  • Faster speeds.

    Copper wire was never designed to carry high-speed data in the same way as the new fibre cable. Put simply, fibre is up to 25x faster than standard broadband.

  • More reliable.

    Things like bad weather or lots of people on the internet at the same time might mean your current service drops out a lot. With fibre, speed and connection isn’t affected.

  • Future-proofing.

    As things like Smart TVs, tablets and mobiles improve, they’ll depend more and more on a strong, fast and stable connection. Going superfast means you’ll always be able to enjoy the things you love without the risk of buffering.

KCOM Customer streaming his favorite shows

Your shows

Whether you’re streaming live or on catch-up, you won’t miss out.

KCOM Customer streaming his favorite music

Your sounds

Download an album in 4 seconds or stream your favourite playlist with no cut-outs.

Family enjoying Lightstream

Your family

Everyone online, at home, at the same time.

Gamer enjoying Lightstream

Your mates

Perfect for uninterrupted gaming.

Fibre roll out for today, tomorrow and the future

Unlike many other internet providers, we’re rolling out our Lightstream connections directly to your property to give you much faster and more reliable speeds. Doing it this way takes a bit longer but means that you’ll be able to do more than ever before online, with a fast and reliable connection.

  • Lightstream Rollout Announcement

  • Lightstream Rollout Announcement

*Wherever possible we use Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology, to enable customers to enjoy the best possible superfast connection speeds.
As at 31 March 2016, 93% of available properties were connected using FTTH.

Jo enjoying KCOM broadband with her daughter

Our multi-million pound investment will give customers the best possible internet connection

UK based.

We’re one of the only companies in the UK rolling out fibre broadband directly to homes and businesses, as standard.

Local investment

Our multi-million pound investment in the city’s digital network is not only giving the best connectivity today, but a major economic advantage for generations to come.

What is Lightstream?

Superfast broadband from KCOM that uses the latest technology made from glass fibre rather than copper. This gives a much faster and more reliable internet connection. It is also future-proof technology, meaning that when everybody starts to do more things online like watching TV, making video calls, working, gaming and more, screens won't freeze, jump or stop like they might have done before.

Jo enjoying KCOM broadband with her daughter