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Phase 5: Live now

Holderness Road, Southcoates Avenue, Westminster Avenue, Rutherglen Drive, Broadway Drive

1,400 Properties

Phase 6: Live now

Chiswick Close, Twickenham Close, Standidge Drive, Ecclesfield Avenue, Gleneagles Park, Ings Road, Birklands Drive, James Reckitt Avenue

850 Properties

Phase 7: Live now

Balham Avenue, Bellfield Avenue, Ings Road, James Reckitt Avenue, Lambwath Road, Marfleet Avenue

Phase 8: Live now

Annandale Road, Bradford Avenue, Burlington Avenue, Cavendish Road, Gillshill Road, Holderness Road, Ings Road, James Reckitt Avenue, Lambwath Road, Newton Court, Shaftesbury Avenue, Sutton House Road, Tilworth Road

2,300 Properties

Phase 9: Live now

Annandale Road, Barham Road, Carden Avenue, Dalsetter Rise, Dunvegan Road, East Carr Road, Grasby Road, Hermes Close, Hopewell Road, Larne Road, Marfleet Lane, Preston Road, Saltshouse Road, Sinclair Crescent, Stavely Road, Swanfield Road, Winchester Avenue, Wingfield Road

3,300 Properties

Phase 10: Live now

Amethyst Road, Anson road, Bilton Grove, Burdale Close, Hedon Road, Hopewell Road, Marfleet Avenue, Marfleet Lane, Parthian Road, Preston Road, Staveley Road, Swanfield Road, Tanfield Grove, Wingfield Road, Wivern Road

3,000 Properties

Phase 11: Live now

Abbey Street, Barham Road, Brazil Street, Caledon Close, Field Street, Holderness Road, Jervis Road, Marfleet Lane, Preston Road, St Johns Grove, Staveley Road, Tedworth Road, Thanet Road, Wansford Grove

1,900 Properties

Phase 12: Live April 2018

Amethyst Road, Annandale Road, Barham Road, Bideford Grove, Dodswell Grove, Falkland Road, Greenwich Avenue, Hemswell Avenue, Holderness Road, Milne Road, Staveley Road, Valiant Drive, Wexford Avenue

1,800 Properties

Phase 1: Live now

Ark Royal, Broad Oak, Gangstead Lane, Main Road, Ridgestone Avenue, Holmes Lane, Ravenspur Road, Lime Tree Lane, Galfrid Road, Albermarle Road

2,000 Properties

Phase 1: Live now


600 Properties

Phase 2: Live now

Wansbeck Road, Ninth Grove, Medina Road, Welland Road, Frome Road

Approximately 1,300 Properties

Phase 2: Live now

6th Avenue, 8th Avenue, 12th Avenue, 14th Avenue,  18th Avenue, 21st Avenue, Ellerburn Avenue, The Quadrant