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Phase 1: Live now

James Reckitt Avenue, Dunscombe Park, Pavilion Close, Barrats site Chamberlain Road, Rockford Avenue, Lamorna Avenue

700 Properties

Phase 2: Live now

Bedale Avenue, Preston Road, Aldbrough Grove, Southcoates Lane, Eskdale Avenue, Edgeware Avenue, St Johns Grove, Cambridge Grove, College Grove

1,100 Properties

Phase 3: Live now

Southcoates Lane, Bilsdale Grove, Brindley Street, Wynburg Street, Steynburg Street, Rustenburg Street

1,900 Properties

Phase 4: Live now

Clements Way, St Aidans Way, Holderness Road, Aberdeen Street, The Broadway, Portobello Street, Ellerby Grove, Kilnsea Grove

1,300 Properties

Phase 5: End of October

Holderness Road, Southcoates Avenue, Westminster Avenue, Rutherglen Drive, Broadway Drive

1,400 Properties

Phase 6: Mid November

Chiswick Close, Twickenham Close, Standidge Drive, Ecclesfield Avenue, Gleneagles Park, Ings Road, Birklands Drive, James Reckitt Avenue

850 Properties

Phase 7: Early December

Balham Avenue, Bellfield Avenue, Ings Road, James Reckitt Avenue, Lambwath Road, Marfleet Avenue

Phase 1: Live now

Ark Royal, Broad Oak, Gangstead Lane, Main Road, Ridgestone Avenue, Holmes Lane, Ravenspur Road, Lime Tree Lane, Galfrid Road, Albermarle Road

2,000 Properties

Phase 1: Live now


600 Properties

Phase 1: Live now

Lowgate, College Street, Tween Dykes Road

600 Properties

Phase 1: Live now

Arcon Drive (off Anlaby Road)

300 Properties

Phase 1: Live now

Shannon Road, Hebden Avenue, Chelner Road

Approximately 1,000 Properties

Phase 2: Live now

Wansbeck Road, Ninth Grove, Medina Road, Welland Road, Frome Road

Approximately 1,300 Properties

Phase 1: Live now

25th Avenue, 31st Avenue, 5th Avenue, Cranbrook Avenue, Endyke Lane, Greenwood Avenue, Hall Road, Inglemire Lane, York Road

Phase 2: Early December

6th Avenue, 8th Avenue, 12th Avenue, 14th Avenue,  18th Avenue, 21st Avenue, Ellerburn Avenue, The Quadrant