Find out if your area has Lightstream

Lightstream is installed in three steps

  • The Lightstream engineer pre-visit

    Step one:
    The engineer pre-visit

    Before your installation appointment, our pre-build team will plan and install the fibre direct to your home, replacing your existing telephone lines. An engineer will fit a small box to the outside of your home with a new cable that contains the fibre.

  • Prepare your home for KCOM ultrafast fibre broadband

    Step two:
    Prepare your home

    Next, you'll need to decide where your network box and router will sit, then make sure you have two plug sockets free. A single plug with an extension cable will work just fine.

  • Your Lightstream broadband installation day

    Step three:
    Installation day

    On the big day, one of our engineers will need access to your home for around two hours. They'll fit your fibre cables, set up your new router, connect one of your devices and then leave you in peace to enjoy faster, more reliable broadband.

What do our customers say?

Arthur, on TrustPilot

Just had Lightstream installed by Kevin. He was most polite, very efficient and had the whole process up and running in less than two hours. Importantly there was no clearing up afterwards. I now have 76.55Mbps which is fantastic.

James, on TrustPilot

I have just had Lightstream fitted and could not be happier, excellent service and speeds. This company also does a lot for the local community which is another reason for my 5 star rating.

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Extra information about your install

Before installation day

The good news is you don't need to be in for the pre-visit as our engineer won't need to enter your home. They'll install a small box around one metre above the ground at the point where your existing cables enter your home.

To make the installation as smooth as possible, please let us know if there are any access issues to your property we need to be aware of, such as locked gates.

On installation day

An engineer will visit you at the time given in your appointment letter. Someone over 18 will need to be at home for this so your engineer can talk you through how everything works - it's all really simple, and they'll sort everything out for you before they leave.


Q.Does Lightstream actually make a big difference?

Yes, Lightstream has been designed to cope with high levels of uploads and downloads, meaning that you can say goodbye to buffering movies, webpages that take ages to load, and your connection dropping when someone else in the household goes online. It's much faster than standard broadband, and more reliable.

Q.Is Lightstream available in my area?

You can check the current availability of Lightstream on our rollout page, or by searching on our postcode checker. If your area doesn't show up, please check again in the near future, as we're constantly rolling out to new neighbourhoods.

Q.Lightstream isn't available in my area yet. How do I register my interest?

You can register your interest here and we'll get in touch as soon as the service is available in your area.

Q. What will happen to my existing phone/broadband service on installation day?

I'm an existing KCOM broadband customer

On switchover day, your phone line and internet may be down temporarily, if so our engineers will make sure your line is back up and running before they leave.

I'm a KCOM phone customer but I don't currently have broadband

On switchover day, your telephone line will be turned off for no more than a few minutes while we switch on your fibre connection.

I'm not currently a KCOM customer

On switchover day, we'll connect both your phone and broadband so you can start enjoying your new fibre service right away.

Q. Can I rearrange my install appointment?

Yes, you can, and it's free of charge if rearranged before the installation date. If you make an appointment and miss it without letting us know, or there's no one aged over 18 in the household on the day, we reserve the right to charge a missed appointment fee of £120.

Q.Which line gets replaced?

The telephone line that is replaced is the one that runs from your home to a telegraph pole. You won't need to be at home for this step.

Q.What time of day is Lightstream installed?

You can choose a time slot of either 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm or 4pm-6pm, with Saturday slots also available.

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