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Our Lightstream broadband is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

Backed by a unique full fibre network that reaches across Hull and East Yorkshire, Lightstream provides the fastest broadband speeds in the UK to both homes and businesses.

Our network uses Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) technology which means we deliver ultrafast, reliable broadband all the way to your router.

That means you can stream, surf, download and experience the best the internet has to offer without buffering.

So, sign up to Lightstream and you’ll be joining one of the best broadband networks in the world. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers and industry experts say:

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James quote

James' family appreciates Lightstream

“I'll be honest, pay for Lightstream if it is in your area. We had (another provider) before and my teenage sons did nothing but moan about it. Since having Lightstream fitted they don’t grumble.

“We have two PCs running online games plus we stream most of the TV we watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime and have no issues at all.”

Holly using laptop

Holly lands fantasy job thanks to ultrafast broadband

“Maths teacher from Beverley has become one of the world’s most influential Fantasy Football commentators.”

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James quote

James swaps Sky for streaming on lightstream

“Were on the 250Mbps package and it works a treat, no issues. We've cancelled our sky subscription since getting it and just download/stream now.”

Person using tablet

Everyone’s online at Lynda’s with Lightstream

“We had broadband before but it couldn’t really cope. Lightstream has been so much better and it works all over the house – even in the loft conversion.”

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@lovesfealty quote

@lovesfealty loves Lightstream

“We had lightstream installed today - LOVE IT!!! And when I phoned the other day the lady I spoke to said she would upgrade us to unlimited (we originally ordered 150GB cap) so we could take advantage of the 50% for 3 months offer.”

Child playing on Xbox

The gamers are happy at Clare’s thanks to Lightstream

“We’ve always done a lot of gaming and streaming online – and I’m quite techy – so we always wanted the best broadband we could get.

“We did notice the difference straight away. It’s a good service and it’s noticeably quicker than the old ADSL broadband”

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Vicky quote

Vicky shouts about KCOM customer service

“Shout out to the engineer who came to my house today to sort the WiFi out! Absolutely brilliant and great customer service, which is rare these days!”

Photo of KCOM Lightstream customer, Roger

Lightstream helps keep the peace for busy family

“We’ve definitely noticed the difference, it’s definitely faster. The main thing now is we don’t notice it, it just works, which means no-one’s complaining any more – and in a busy house that’s a good thing. It’s remarkable how quickly you get used to it. The kids can watch TV while being glued to their phone screens and updating their Facebook and Twitter all at the same time. They can multi-task, which is a skill I’ve yet to master!”

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Gareth quote

Comic artist Gareth gets connected with Lightstream

“Having Lightstream basically allows us to do our work very quickly. When you’re working constantly you really need that speed of connectivity. It’s great to have it there whether I’m at my drawing board, sitting on the sofa or even outside.”

Chelsea happy with Lightstream

Lightstream upgrade takes Chelsea to top of broadband league

“I’d definitely recommend it. It’s very fast and now we can all get online at the same time and there are no delays at all.”

Craig quote

Lightstream enables Craig to take games global

“I do a lot of really data heavy stuff, video editing, uploading files, downloading files, and I need the Lightstream connection to make that possible. It’s crucial that I have those speeds and the accessibility throughout the house – and even into the garden. I’m always receiving video calls and I need to be able to talk to colleagues and customers no matter where I am in the house.”

Photo of Jan, a happy Lightstream customer

PRO Team works wonders for Jan

“I have to say a massive thank you to @KCOMhome today for a fast and effective service sorting my Lightstream at home today! Service with a smile, a new router and so helpful. I'm up and running faster than ever!”

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Kathleen quote

Lightstream’s a family affair for Kathleen

"I decided to get Lightstream when I changed my TV and I found I was watching a lot more on catch-up TV.

Rather than going over my data limit I decided to upgrade my package and go on Lightstream, which is far faster, for what was just a little extra cost."

Photo of KCOM Lightstream customer, Alison

Everyone's online at Alison's house

“It’s a lot quicker than what we had before. There’s no buffering and we can all just get on with what we’re doing with no problems. There are four adults in the house all doing our own thing online and the internet doesn’t slow down any more.”

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Are you ready to go Hulltrafast?

Lightstream is Hull's own ultrafast broadband. We’ve built a network designed for the internet and the way that people use it, so it’s more reliable, faster and future-proof.

You can now get Lightstream ultrafast fibre broadband at home. Download, catch up and stream faster than ever before with speeds much faster than your current broadband service.

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Awards and accreditations

  • The Connected Britain awards logo

    2019 Connected Britain Awards

    Winner: Fibre Connectivity award

  • The INCA award logo

    2019 INCA Awards

    Winner: Best Urban Impact

  • The ISPAUK award logo

    2019 ISPA Awards

    Winner: Best Consumer ISP
    Finalist: Best Customer Solution
    Finalist: Best PR Campaign

  • The Connected Britain awards logo

    2019 Better Society Awards

    Finalist: Commitment To The Local Community

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