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We're here to make sure your in-home broadband set-up is as good as it can be, from your router all the way to your devices.

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KCOM PRO are here to help solve customers’ Wi-Fi woes, resolve router problems and banish buffering.

Our Lightstream broadband offers some of the fastest speeds in the UK and is delivered right to your front door on our full fibre network.

But sometimes the Wi-Fi between your router and your devices isn’t all it could be – and can be affected by all sorts of factors including interference from other devices, the position of your router and even the construction of your house.

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We'll troubleshoot any problems stopping you getting the best broadband experience and enable you to enjoy Lightstream at its fastest and most reliable.

Lightstream is the fibre optic network that carries all your favourite online activities from the internet to your router, at ultrafast speeds.

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Wi-Fi is a radio signal that allows you to connect your internet device to your KCOM router.

Most modern internet devices can connect using this radio signal – it’s a far more convenient, flexible and tidier way than using wires.

However, just like any radio signal, the further away you are from the transmitter (i.e. your router), the less powerful the signal and the greater the chance of interference.

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Despite Lightstream being able to deliver speeds of up to 900Mbps to your router a lot of factors can affect your broadband experience.

These can include interference from other appliances, the positioning of your router, the age of the devices you’re using and even the construction of your house itself.

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