We help get you the best in-home Wi-Fi experience

A KCOM PRO specialist will optimise your home experience, eliminating deadspots, and working with you to ensure you’re getting the best possible connection from the router, all the way to your devices.

Find out how we can help

Image of the KCOM PRO team

We'll do everything we can to resolve your in-home issues and we'll complete the following steps to do this:

KCOM PRO employee talking to customer

1. Firstly, we’ll spend some time over the phone with you to understand what problems you're having. We'll try everything we can to fix the issue there and then, but if not we can schedule an engineer to visit your home.

Photo of Wi-Fi survey on tablet

2. Our PRO specialist will visit your home to discuss the problems you've been having. We'll then carry out a full Wi-Fi survey to find out what is affecting your in-home experience.

KCOM PRO employee explaining problem areas

3. We’ll talk through the survey results with you and explain what we can do to fix any problem areas.

PRO employee optimising router

4. Finally, we’ll optimise your Wi-Fi, and leave you with a full, easy to understand summary, alongside some useful self-help tips for the future.