Supporting customers

We’re committed to supporting customers who are unable to access our services through the usual routes or require additional assistance. To find out more you can access our Vulnerability Policy here.

Understanding Impairments

If you or someone you know has an impairment, discover more about the impact it can have on day-to-day life, and how KCOM can help. Further information is available here.


We offer a range of products and services that may help make life a little easier.


  • If a customer is unable to leave their house due to disability or illness, a telephone or a broadband service might become a vital lifeline so we offer a free priority repair service for customers who may be at risk in the unlikely event of a fault occurring on their line. Please call us on 01482 602555 to request this. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • Customers who need help to manage their account can nominate a friend or relative to receive copies of bills and correspondence without them becoming liable for the bill. The Authorised User is able to raise a complaint or make a payment on behalf of the customer. Please call us on 01482 602555 to arrange this on your account. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • We offer a free directory enquiries service for customers who are unable to easily used a printed Directory due to an impairment. Please call 100 free from your KCOM landline to register for this service. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • For customers who have difficulty reading our standard printed material, we offer large print, audio or Braille contracts, bills and other customer communications. Complete our online form to register for this service. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • For customers who need to make or receive calls in which some or all of the call is made or received in text format, we offer a Next Generation Text Relay Service that enables customers with hearing and/or speech impairments to communicate with others through telephone or textphone equipment or other devices such as PCs and tablets. A 'relay assistant' acts in the middle to text the speech from the two people on the call. You can even link a 'TextNumber' to your existing phone number to make and receive calls without dialing a prefix.

    For full details of the service and how to access it, go to or contact the NGT Helpdesk on 0800 7311 888 or if using a textphone or the NGT Lite app on 0800 500 888.

    For calls made using the NGTR services, you will never be charged more than you would have been for the same call made without using the NGTR service. More information about pricing can be found in the KCOM Price Manual.

    If you receive a text message to the land line and save it by mistake instead of listening to it, then you can call 0845 602 1111 to retrieve it.

  • Those customers with hearing impairment and / or speech impairment have the option of contacting the emergency services by text from their mobile. However, you will need to register your mobile phone first with the emergency SMS service by texting the word ‘register’ to 999 (

  • Our customers benefit from KCOM preventing calls from being connected to them where the caller does not provide a valid telephone number for their call. We may not be able to prevent all nuisance calls from occurring. If you are receiving nuisance calls please report them to our customer care team and they will be investigated. Customer care will also be happy to provide advice on actions you can also take to prevent nuisance callers. Call us on 01482 602555 to request help and advice. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

  • Lifeline can be arranged through your local council. It's a piece of equipment installed in your home that can be activated by a pendant. Should you need emergency assistance, simply pressing the pendant puts a call through to a control centre and a trained operator will respond and take the most appropriate action. Please see the Council websites for more information:

    Hull City Council

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Register for braille, large print or audio bills and contract


Social Access Package

You can usually get our Social Access Package if you receive one of the following:

  • Universal Credit (and are on zero earnings)*
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pensions Credit
  • Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance

*This means the person claiming the Universal Credit doesn't receive any earnings from employment or self-employment during their Universal Credit assessment period.

The Social Access Package is also available to care home residents and Lifeline customers who are referred to us via Social Services.

Anyone applying must provide us with proof of financial support / care home residency / Lifeline status with their application.

The person eligible must also be the person whose name is on the bill.

Who can't have it?

We can't provide you with our Social Access Package service if:

  • You can't provide evidence of the above or are not the person named on the bill
  • You already have a telephone service from another supplier
  • You have more than one line at the same or different premises (unless you have a second line because you're responsible for paying the telephone bill for a relative)
  • Your line is an ISDN line
  • Your line is used exclusively in connection with a burglar alarm or other monitoring services
  • You have ceased and had service re-provided in the last 3 months
  • Your service has been restricted because you owe us money

What is it and how much does it cost?

If you receive financial support, our Social Access Package is a simple, low cost landline telephone service to help you stay in touch with the people important to you.

Contracts are for 12 months and you can find further details of our pricing in the Price Manual.

The default way to pay for this package is by Direct Debit, however other payment methods such as KCOM Budget Scheme, cash or cheque can be accepted.

Customers eligible for our Social Access Phone tariff can also choose from our Basic or Lite broadband package. Further details are available in the Price Manual.

Applying for Social Access Package

Call us on 01482 602555. Alternatively, you can use one of our other contact methods on the contact us page.

You’ll need to fill in an application form and return it to us with some personal information.

We need this information so we can check your records with the Department for Work and Pensions. These records help us to find out whether you are eligible for SAP.

If we need any more information, we’ll contact you. If we have everything we need, we'll tell you whether your application is successful. If you don't qualify, we’ll write to you to let you know.

If your circumstances change and you’re no longer in receipt of one of these benefits, you must notify us so we can review your entitlement to the Social Access Package.

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